Clerk & Recorder

 The Clerk and Recorder's Office is responsible for issuing and recording marriage licenses, recording all real estate transactions, issuing liquor licenses, registering voters, conducting all primary, general and county elections, and, when contracted, municipal and school district elections. The Clerk and Recorder's Office also operates the Motor Vehicle Divisions for titling vehicles and issuing license plates.

As prescribed by State law, the Clerk and Recorder is also the Chief Election Officer for the County, charged with maintaining the election commission and any other duties required by Secretary of State.

Responsibilities of the Recording Department

The recording department is responsible for processing and preserving documents presented for recording as public record. All records are open to the public and certified copies of any document of record are available for a fee.

Responsibilities of the Elections Department

The election department is responsible for voter registration: compilation of ballots, absentee ballots, and early voting ballots for regular primary, general and special county elections. The department is also responsible for election judge training, coordinating all Election Day operations, tabulation of Election Day results, and the certification of the election with the County Canvass Board.

Voter registration may be done at either the Alamosa County Clerk and Recorder’s office or at any city/town municipal clerk's office in Alamosa County, or at any department of motor vehicles office. Mail registration forms are also available at these locations.

Responsibilities of the Motor Vehicle Department

The Clerk and Recorder acts as an agent for the Colorado State Department of Revenue in titling and licensing all new and old, purchased, leased, motor vehicles both currently in or entering the state. All motor vehicle titles and registration fees and requirements are set by Colorado State statute or set by rule and regulation promulgated by the Department of Revenue.


As of June 1, 2015 Alamosa County no longer requires Business Licenses per House Bill 15-1028.

Melanie Woodward
County Clerk & Recorder